Dear Friends,

Being sugar free has become the easy part of my new lifestyle!  The conviction God has given me and knowing all the bad things sugars and artificial sweeteners do has totally removed the temptation from my life.

On the other hand, staying totally grain free is not so easy.  The yeast fungus diet instructions actually say you can add back whole grains sparingly after you have completed the maintenance time.  Even so, for the most part, I have stayed off grains and kept my diet VERY low carb.  I eat chipless nachos and crustless pizza.  I eat romaine wrapped hamburgers and skip bread of any kind, even homemade sourdough, 99% of the time.

Between Christmas and New Year’s life was hectic.  We got together with friends and I ate crustless pizza and felt great.  However, I gave in and ate some cheese nachos with 100% stone ground corn chips and New Year’s Eve, I ate popcorn covered in real butter.  My family wanted air popped popcorn for New Year’s Eve.  I LOVE buttered popcorn and I decided it surely couldn’t hurt me to eat it just one time.


I haven’t felt “bad”, but I craved carbs for THREE full days after I ate the nachos and the popcorn on New Year’s weekend!   Three days of feeling unsatisfied and pondering all day long, “What can I eat?”

I haven’t had cravings like that for months and months!  I thought I was just restless and maybe it was just because I was busy and hadn’t eaten regular meals, but I spoke to a friend today who is also sugar free and low carb and she said that she ate nachos this past week and it made her crave carbs, too!

(FYI – I drank Young Living’s Slique Tea consistently during those three days and it usually makes me feel full and satisfied, but not so after indulging in corn chips and popcorn!)

So, my conclusion is this:  maybe some people can throw in grains occasionally after being on the yeast fungal diet and not be harmed, but after all these months, the grains still affect me negatively.  They make me lethargic and they make me crave foods that I KNOW intellectually that I do NOT want.

Next time my family wants popcorn, I will eat salted nuts as a substitute.  Next time they want nachos, I will stick to my chipless nachos or just eat cheese and apples or apples and almond butter.

Grains are still affecting me and maybe they always will.  I would be sad, but I know that the LORD has given me wonderful alternatives.  I don’t have to have grains now that I have learned to cook with almond flour and coconut flour.

I do miss chips and one day, I am sure the LORD will show me a good substitute or take away the desire.  For now, I can eat carrot sticks, celery sticks and apples for crunch!

I do KNOW that I do not want to be lethargic or waste my energy craving bad foods.  I want to be focused on giving the LORD glory through ALL I do, even what I eat!

I am working on the story of my life’s diet and how I ended up here.  Pray for me that I will finish it, so I can share it with you and so I can continue to be accountable to stay the course.  In the meantime, I hope the fact that I have had struggles will help someone to overcome their own difficulties in changing their eating lifestyle.

The key to success is that I listen to my body and STOP eating things that affect me negatively.  By God’s grace, I have learned a lesson and pray He will remind me and keep me on the path to health and wellness!

To God be the glory!

Jesus Christ is the LORD of my life and even my eating!







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3 responses to “Struggles!

  1. Maris Russell

    Have you tried any of the higher protein grains (seeds really) like quinoa, buckwheat, millet that Body Ecology recommends? Just curious. I wonder if they would have the same effect. I also love using coconut flour and nut meals. Grains effect me the same way. I am also wondering how taking in more cultured foods might change those cravings.

    I listened to a great interview on Mercola last week and the speaker recommended 3 servings of a variety of cultured foods daily. For instance, kefir in the morning, 1/4-1/2 cup cultured veggies at lunch and kombucha or coconut kefir with dinner. Dr. Mercola said that he has had chronic plaque buildup on his teeth for years and that incorporating cultured foods has been the only thing to make a difference. (He was having his teeth cleaned monthly!) He also said he thinks cultured foods are the missing link to improved health. He almost apologized for being intellectually educated about those type foods, but not applying that knowledge to his diet. It was a really interesting interview. Really made me rethink the amount of cultured foods in our diet.

  2. I know I need to do more cultured food, but those are not my favorite foods, so I just don’t do enough.

    I don’t know how to make them and the one time I tried, it was a major FAIL.

    Thanks for the input. I will prayerfully look for ways to add more to my diet.

  3. Eileen

    Wow! I feel like I could have just written this post. I can completely relate to your struggle as I am on a similar diet (GAPS diet) and stay away from grains/starches, sugar, and milk. I feel so much better when I can be strict, but temptation is sometimes too challenging. I thank God that he led me to this way of life and improved health!

    I incorporate cultered (lacto-fermented) foods into my diet and definitely can say that they are an aquired taste. My kids (9 & 12) have even developed a taste for them. They are very easy to make with just water and a good quality sea salt. The cookbook Nourishing Traditions is a great reasource for learning (can find book at library) or even youtube videos.

    May God continue to lead you to improved health.


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