Years in Captivity

Early Childhood

I was born in 1953 to parents who were 18 and 17.  I was the first of three girls born in three years.  Five years after I was born, my mom had my first brother, so by the time she was 22, she had four children.  We were all bottle fed.  My life was pretty typical for Americans post WWII.  We went to school and church and ate pretty much what everyone else in the nation ate.

We ate the standard American diet. My parents did the best they knew to do and like most Americans, we loved desserts. I don’t remember eating out much, but we ate white bread, margarine and sweets for birthdays and every special occasion.  At my grandma’s we had dessert at least once a week when I was young and more often as the years passed and money got better.

I remember getting vaccines.  I also remember having constant episodes of tonsilitis and multiple rounds of antibiotics.  I slept propped up and sucking on peppermint candy to quiet the constant coughing.

When I was about 8 or 9, I fell down my grandparents’ back porch stairs during an ice storm.  I went down bouncing on my tail bone.  It hurt for some time, but back in those days, we had never heard of chiropractors and we couldn’t afford to go to one anyway.  Within a year of so of the fall, I was hit in the head with a baseball bat during recess at school.  I had a concussion and stayed several days at my grandma’s house eating saltine crackers and drinking Coca Cola.  My young parents were financially strapped, so we kids loved going to Granddaddy’s and Grandma’s house, where we had ice cream, soda and all kinds of sugary treats.

High School Years

My parents divorced during my Sophomore year in high school.  I attended Wichita Falls High School my Freshman and first half of my Sophomore year.  Then, I finished my Sophomore year in Amarillo.  I did the first half of my Junior year in Simi Valley, California, then, returned to Texas and finished high school in Fort Worth.  I ate the typical school food and I remember that last year of high school that I drank Coke when I was thirsty,  even in the middle of night.  I never drank water. By the time I was a Junior in high school, I had on and off back and foot pain.

College Years

During college, I lived in the dorm and ate in the school cafeteria.  They served high carb and minimal protein meals.  They served macaroni and cheese as a main dish.  Many of us made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after supper to take back to the dorm.  These were full of sugar and on white bread.  I burned an ulcer in my stomach by taking aspirin without eating and spent a year drinking milk shakes for my gut pain, per doctor’s orders.  This, too, was high sugar. Since the doctor ordered it, I was given one every evening by the college after supper, to “coat my stomach” before bedtime.

Marriage and Family

Shortly after I married in 1980, my foot pain became my constant companion and my back began to hurt.  My allergies had gotten terrible, too.  I was tested in 1981 and it was confirmed that I am allergic to every tree in North America, tobacco, cats and more things than I can recall.  In 1982, I began to see a chiropractor.  I got some short term relief from pain. In 1983, I had my first child.  I spent many hours studying birth and babies. I had homebirth and breastfed extensively. well into toddlerhood.  In spite of that, my son had many allergies, too.  I had no idea that vaccinations compromised the immune system and so, he was vaccinated.  After vaccinations, he had pneumonia and ear infections, though I didn’t connect the two at the time.

When I was pregnant with my daughter born in 1987, I was sick with terrible reflux and projectile vomiting almost 24 hours a day the entire pregnancy.  I slept in a recliner because the reflux was so bad that laying down was not an option.  I ate way too much sugar during that pregnancy and my daughter was born with reflux and when we had her vaccinated, she had immediate yeast infections.  I began to have breast infections and I thought she had given them to me.  It never crossed my mind that the vaccinations had caused her issues or that I was really the carrier of the yeast/fungal issues.

I had two more sons and with each pregnancy, the yeast/fungal symptoms got worse.  When Hannah was 6 and Daniel almost 1, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  That was the summer of 1993.  By then, I had obvious short term memory loss and Hannah was suffering from severe dyslexia.  I finally began to connect the problems we were having with vaccinations, but I thought vaccinating was required by law and so I kept on, but added homeopathics to counter the side effects.  I began to take colonics and I went on the yeast/fungal eating plan.  Daniel’s yeast issues resolved within two weeks of me changing my diet.  I started feeling better and got my thinking cleared up.  I stayed sugar free, carb free and high protein for over a year.  When Terry’s mom died in May, 1994, we began to go back and forth from Louisiana to Oklahoma every six weeks and I quit trying to stay on the yeast/fungal eating plan.  It was easier to just eat fast food on the road and I sure didn’t want to make an issue of my food when we were with extended family, mine or his.

Moving to Oklahoma

I stayed fairly well for a season, but then, I went and stayed with my grandma in Wichita Falls for seven weeks to take care of her for knee replacement surgery and physical therapy.  She ate out at least one meal a day and her home was full of Little Debbies, Snackwells, soda and candy.  I gained weight and so did my son, Josiah.  By the time we moved to Oklahoma in December of that same fall, 1995, I was thoroughly addicted again to sugar and carbs. Our extended family, both in Texas and Oklahoma ate the standard American diet, which is sugar and carb laden and so my health declined rapidly when we moved and began to spend more time eating with extended family.   I had a miscarriage in July, 1996, and the natural grief and depression that followed was increased greatly by the yeast/fungal overload.

Early Menopause!

The miscarriage sent me into immediate menopause with hot flashes and night sweats at the age of 42!  I suffered for years with menopause symptoms before being introduced to progesterone cream.  While getting my menopause symptoms under control with progesterone, the pain in my back gradually increased over the years and by 2000, I was hurting all over and I was so out of balance that one leg was visibly shorter than the other.  In the fall of 2000, I discovered upper cervical care and the severe stabbing pain in my lower back was lessened for a season, while the pain in my muscles continued to get worse and worse.

I knew from past experience and from numerous resources that my pain and short term memory problems could be eliminated by diet, but I got into a vicious cycle.  I was in pain, so ate emotionally.  I even had myself convinced that I “deserved” to eat the sweets and carbs for comfort, because I was in such pain.  The more junk I ate the more the pain increased until I finally had a frozen shoulder and could no longer drive.  For at least ten years, I took weekly massages just to survive.  The massages loosened the frozen shoulder, but the pain continued to be with me all the time.

Partial Diet Changes

Periodically, I would go a few weeks sugar free and carb free, but I failed to read labels and I was getting hidden sugars and chemicals in many foods.  I gave up desserts, potatoes, grains and yet, I still craved.  I took herbs and other supplements to kill the fungus, but I kept craving sugar and carbs.  That was because I was getting it in meats, broths, condiments and many other foods that I didn’t suspect.  Plus, I didn’t understand back then that grains convert to sugar, so I allowed myself to eat some grain at least once a week and thought as long as I kept the amount low, all would be well.  When I decided how I would eat, I based it on what I knew about diabetics and since they are told they can have limited daily carbs, I thought I could, too.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

When I made a commitment once and for all to change to a healthier lifestyle, my life began to change.  Just as Dr. Davis of WHEAT BELLY fame says, the weight and illness greatly decreases when we eat right.


Since August of 1993, I have read numerous books about Yeast – Fungus conditions.

The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough  by William C. Crook, MD

The Fungus Link, Volumes 1, 2, 3 by Doug Kaufmann

The Germ That Causes Cancer by Doug Kaufmann

Conquer Candida–Restore Your Immune System by Jack Tips, ND

Sugar Blues by William F Duffy

Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton

Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD

Most libraries have these books, but they are worth owning.  Most are available in health food stores and online.


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