I Am Not On a Diet!

I am NOT on a diet!


There is a HUGE difference!

I am not weighing or measuring my food.  I am not limiting my portions.  I am not counting calories.

What I am doing is eating healthy!  Eating healthy includes not being a glutton and being aware of what I am putting in my mouth.

I am making every effort to eat as many vegetables as possible each day.  I am making an effort to eat only high quality, grass fed proteins.  I am making an effort to drink good, pure water.  I plan ahead for treats and make my treats healthy treats made with coconut flour or almond flour and they are always sweetened with a good natural sweetener like stevia, birch xylitol or yacon.

This is not a temporary phase.  This is my lifestyle.  I am choosing to eat healthy because I choose LIFE!  I am treating my body as a treasured vessel belonging to the LORD God, who created me and saved me and now indwells in me.  Thus, acknowledging daily that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, I CHOOSE to feed my body wisely.

Don’t feel bad if I am in your home and I choose not to eat some of the foods you serve.  I am not being rude, but sticking to my plan and I am not upset that you have foods not in my plan for your family.  I am aware that everyone is not on my page and that is okay.  I enjoy fellowship with people, even when I choose not to share their food.

Don’t feel sorry for me because I cannot have the foods the world eats daily.  Those foods cause illness and disease.  Once I was in bondage to those foods and to the system that produces those foods, but NO MORE!

I have come out of my bondage and into the glorious freedom of the LORD!

I am free from sugar addiction.

I am free from caffeine addiction.

I am free from grain addiction.

I am free from food addiction.

I am FREE and I thank God I am FREE!

And one more thing, I LOVE the way I eat now.  My food is all homemade and it tastes good!  Someone asked me how long I can “keep this up”.  I can live like this until Jesus calls me home!



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3 responses to “I Am Not On a Diet!

  1. I LOVE this! What a great response! It’s really quite liberating to just eat healthy!

  2. Yes, it is. It is so nice to not have to “decide” whether or not I will eat certain things. The decision is already made and I pray that my experience will help others to choose healthier at younger ages.

  3. Kim

    Great post! I love it!

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