Third FREE Thanksgiving

Our food for Thanksgiving was not free from cost.  We bought our groceries just like all of you, but our Thanksgiving food is sugar and chemical free.  In fact, this is our third Thanksgiving since giving up sugar and processed foods.

Holiday foods are full of sentiment and emotion, so I have striven to be successful in making them to suit the palate of my family, while keeping to my standards of healthy eating.  This requires great mental exertion to “convert” our family recipes.

We have become avid label readers.  Did you know that most turkeys have both preservatives and sugar in them in the form of a broth injection?  In our area, I have only found one brand of turkey that has not been injected with solutions of some kind.  Did you know that most all canned broths have sugar or msg in them?

The safest way to prepare food that is sugar free and chemical free is from scratch.  So, I make my own broths.  I chop my own vegetables.  It takes more effort and some planning, but it is worth it.  I urge you to try some of our recipes.  Convert some of your family favorites to sugar free, grain free versions.  You will feel great and be glad you did it.

Our food tastes great, satisfies the emotional, comfort food needs of my family, while meeting my standards for good health.  We no longer “fall off the wagon” for holidays.  We no longer feel rotten after the big holiday meals.  We will never again return to the bondage of unhealthy food!

I love my life and I love our new way of cooking and fixing food!  I love being FREE even during the holidays!




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  1. Andrea Runyon

    I came across your blog while searching for Xylitol recipies. I am a CHristian woman who has struggled with weight since a child. 2 years ago, the Lord began working in me to change the way I view food and exercise. He continues to do so. Thanks for your blog 🙂 Andrea

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