Best Gifts Ever!

Good morning to my blog watchers and followers!

Today is the 20th birthday of my son, Daniel.  He was born on my 39th birthday and yes, I am 59 today.  He was the best gift I was ever given for a birthday.  He is a man of God.  He is hard working, intelligent and he loves the LORD.  He encourages those around him to read the Word of God, to sing praises to the LORD God and to do hard things. He is such a blessing to me.

I continue to give myself the gift of a bondage free eating lifestyle.  As of today, I have been sugar free for 874 days.  Counting the days makes me accountable to myself and to the LORD.  I continue to improve in health and wellness.

Embracing a healthy eating lifestyle and converting family favorites to new healthier versions,  I feel better than I did 20 years ago when Daniel was born!  God is so good.

I thank God for Daniel, who is God’s birthday gift to me.  I thank God for giving me a new zest for life!  I thank God for convicting me that my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and that it should be fed accordingly.   I love my sugar free, chemical free, wheat free, pain free, reflux free, food addiction free LIFE!

The LORD God has blessed me in amazing ways beyond what I could have ever imagined!  To God be the glory!


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