Day 901!!!

Ooops!  I missed noticing that yesterday was Day 900 since I quit sugar!  God has been so faithful and I now love SweetLeaf stevias and all vegetables and fruit tastes soooo much better than they used to.  My taste buds were so distorted from sugar that I just couldn’t truly enjoy all the good foods the LORD has given to us.

I count the days to hold myself accountable to myself and to the LORD.  I made a commitment to treat my body with honor and feed it right, as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit of God.

If you are struggling with food issues, remember that you are worth feeding good food.  God created you and breathed the breath of life into you.  You are special and you deserve good food and good water.  Taking care of your body is honoring to the LORD God and will reap great benefits.

Don’t dwell on the foods you should not eat, but plan for and purchase good foods that you need to eat.  See the section on “What Do You Eat?”  If you worked to eat some of all the foods on that list and to drink plenty of water, a minimum of half your body weight in ounces every day, you would begin to feel way more satisfied and happy with yourself.

Now that I have the food conquered, exercise is the hard part for me, so now, I am keeping records of how many days each week I exercise.  In light of that goal, off I go to the treadmill!

Be blessed my friends and fellow bloggers!



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