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2016 Days!

Ladonna before and after2016 days without sugar!  Why do I count the days?

After many years of going on and off sugar, suffering withdrawal symptoms each and every time,  I realized that  I am a sugar addict!  I count the days like an alcoholic counts the days since his last drink because it helps me to be accountable and to remember that sugar hurt me.

I remember one time after being off sugar for some time that I decided I would only eat sugar on special occasions like birthdays and holidays.  In any given month, SOMEBODY has a birthday or there is a holiday and some months, there are multiple “special” occasions.  It is a slippery slope right back to full time addiction.

Years ago, I was off sugar and grains for about 9 months and I thought I was totally free from addiction.  Then, life happened and we were thrown into some travel and family situations where I was not in charge of my food decisions.  I was wrong to “go with the flow” and not rock the boat by making my own food choices.  Within weeks, I had slipped back into the old ways of eating.

My chiropractor had told me it would be harder if I ever went back and oh, how right he was.  I bounced back and forth for years after I went back and it was not until some VERY serious life events happened that I got motivated enough to go through complete withdrawal again in 2010.

I was very sick and living in constant inflammation induced pain and people my age or younger who were close to me either died or suffered major illnesses.  As I prayed for them, the LORD convicted me to STOP sugar and grains and take control of my eating.

As my chiropractor predicted, it WAS worse than the first time I did it.. The first time, I was doing it so I could take care of a new baby which is high motivation.  The last time I went through withdrawal, it was for my own health and oh, it was hard.  I paced the floor for a week.  I was just like others I had seen trying not to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco products and that is when it hit me that I WAS an addict and needed to count my days.

In the last 5+ years, I have never gone through food hangover.  You know what I mean:  that lethargic, draggy feeling after every holiday or special occasion meal that was loaded with sugar and grains.  Nope, never again.

You will find recipes in this blog to help you replace holiday and special occasion foods with grain free, sugar free versions.  You CAN eat treats and have special meals and not feel like crud for the rest of the day and two or three days later!

Today is the 2016th day off sugar!  I have been off sugar since July 12, 2010!

Still counting and never returning to the bondage of that lifestyle!

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