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BBQ Sauce

This stuff is great with grilled meats of any kind and has become a family favorite.  I have been making it for a couple of years now.  We recently discovered Siete Almond Tortillas and leftover roast beef with this sauce is better than the fast food versions!

The ingredients are organic and sugar free.  The Jovial Crushed tomatoes taste like home canned tomatoes.  Sometimes they are a little chunky so if I want the sauce smooth, I just puree’ them in my Vitamix.

The reason I use Yacon instead of maple syrup or honey which is more common in paleo cooking is to keep the glycemic index down to the minimum.   Yacon takes on the natural flavors of whatever foods I combine with it and has a mild molasses taste without the high glycemic index.   This is important for those with autoimmune issues.

I get most of my ingredients from Azure Standard, however, they can be found other places like Vitacost and Amazon.  If you live in a city with Whole Foods or Sprouts, you can probably get some of them there as well.

BBQ Sauce

– 18 oz jar Jovial crushed tomatoes  
– 7 oz jar Bionaturae tomato paste ( ) 
– 1 cup water ( I just fill the tomato paste jar with water and shake it and pour it into the crushed tomato jar and shake again and then, into the pot. Gets all the good tomato out of the jars.
– 1/2 cup Bragg’s apple cider vinegar  I use Bragg’s
– 1/3 cup Yacon syrup  YL is fine, but as it was out of stock for so long at one time, I started getting this one at Azure.  
– 1/2 Tbsp. ground black pepper

-1/2 Tbsp. Himalayan Salt
– 1/2 Tbsp. onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon cayenne
– 2 Tbsp. prepared mustard
– 1 tsp. paprika
1/8-1/4 teaspoon Cedar House Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke or to taste (I see that is no longer on Amazon, so here is a link to another one that is just pure liquid smoke and no additives )
– 1 drop Young Living Lemon Vitality Oil   
1. Place all ingredients except the essential oil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat and stir to combine. Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. Bring just to a boil. 
2. Reduce heat to low and allow to simmer for 1 hour or until thickened to your liking.  
3. Stir in the one drop of Lemon Essential Oil, put into jars and allow to sit in the frig at least overnight. (I use the Jovial jar for the bulk of it and a canning jar for the remainder.)  I write the date on the jar label with BBQ notated, so my family knows what it is.)

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