Stocking the Pantry

Basics in the naturally sweet kitchen are these:

Azure Standard for lots of organics and wonderful products              

Birch Xylitol

I buy the big 55# bag because it is significantly cheaper per pound and keep it in a 5 gallon grain bucket to keep it dry.  If it is too much for you to spend at once, find some friends and split a bag.  I do NOT use other xylitols because they are usually sourced from corn, which is GMO.


Clear for general cooking and sweetening tea

Vanilla Creme for most baking, ice cream and whipping cream

English Toffee for apple toppings and apple pie

Berry for my husband’s tea and my daughter’s yogurt

Hazelnut for my husband’s hot cocoa

We actually have all the flavors and the possibilities are limitless using them in water, tea, milk and for baking.

Sweetleaf is the ONLY brand I trust.  My dear friend, Dr. Catherine Rott, confirmed with James May that Sweetleaf brand is distilled with water.  Stevia is NOT an artificial sweetener.  It is a plant from Paraguay. Per Mr. May’s book, THE MIRACLE OF STEVIA, it is pronounced “stay vee uh.”

I also have the little tablets in a tin that I keep in my purse in case I want to sweeten tea when I am away from home.

Be careful, because some brands of Stevia have additives, too.  Again, that is why I use only Sweetleaf.

Unsweetened Applesauce – Any brand would do, but I get mine through a health food coop.  I buy a case at a time and buy organic, unsweetened applesauce.  Most local grocers do carry large jars of unsweetened, but buyer beware – READ the label carefully, because many brands are full of sugar or corn syrup.

PLAIN, unsweetened yogurt – Again grocers carry several brands.  Our favorite is Brown Cow Whole Milk Yogurt.  It is a step above the others in tastes and texture.  We do cook with it, as in the pound cake, but Hannah often eats it with Berry Stevia with seeds, nuts and fresh fruit stirred into it, in place of cereal as we rarely do grains.

Powdered Milk – I get an organic one from my coop, but I have also used a goat milk one from

Unsweetened Coconut, Shredded or Flaked –


Almond Flour – I use the blanched version and I get mine through a coop, but our super Walmart carries Bob’s Red Mill in the gluten free section and I am pretty sure you can get it at, and other online sources.

Coconut Flour – I have gotten mine from , , and through our coop.  There are many online sources for it.

REAL Salt – this is the only salt I use, so it is the salt in ALL my recipes.  It is available at health food stores, online at several places and through the health food coops.  It is FULL spectrum and has all the minerals naturally occurring.  Himalayan salt is also full mineral and I have used it, too, but I can get the REAL salt cheaper and easier through my coop that I use it more.

Milk – Always use WHOLE milk, preferably raw.  If dairy intolerant, use Coconut Milk.  I get organic Thai Coconut Milk.  It is available online and in most health food stores and coops.

Cream, Sour Cream – Watch those labels, as some have sugars added!  Our favorite brand is Kalona.  You can look it up online.  We get a non-homogenized cream and that is what we use to make ice cream and Hannah pours over her fruit and nut “cereal” blend.  When we cannot get it, I get heavy whipping cream from the grocer to make ice cream and for toppings.

Cottage Cheese – BE VERY CAREFUL – READ the labels.  Some of these have added sugar and other things I cannot pronounce, so I get whatever I can get that doesn’t have anything added.

Vanilla Extract – Most grocery store brands have added sugar or corn syrup.  I found a good source for Mexican vanilla with NO additives.

I do not personally use agave and they sell it at this same site.  Young Living sells agave, too, and I do not use it from them either.  Just my personal preference based on the Know the Cause diet which allows only Birch Xylitol and Stevia due to low glycemic levels.

Yacon – Young Living is working on a source for this great mild molasses tasting sweetener and I am hopeful that this will give me what I need to make a syrupy pecan pie and keep the glycemic level low.  It is not yet available, but I have tasted it at convention and it is really good and has ZERO glycemic.

Birch Xylitol has 7 glycemic index and Stevia is 0.  I am really excited that Young Living is giving us Yacon which has 0, too!

Arrowroot powder – This takes the place of Cornstarch or flour for thickening.  It is available at health food stores and online at or

5 responses to “Stocking the Pantry

  1. Cindy

    Thank you for this list! I am trying to make some major changes in our family, and this has been very helpful!

  2. You are welcome! I so want people to succeed in eliminating sugar & artificial sweeteners and lowering their glycemic levels. I am absolutely convinced that sugar is the root of disease and grains, which convert to sugar, are equally as guilty of destroying health. God bless you as you seek to improve your family’s health.

  3. Lori Williams

    Thank you for this. My husband has diabetes, and we are both overweight. I am 50 and my husband is 56. He has started getting neuropathy in his feet, and experiencing many different symptoms which he says is from the diabetes and old age. After doing much research, I believe it is because of what we eat, especially since I don’t have diabetes, but am experiencing most of the same symptoms. I so desire to glorify God in my body and take care if this temple that He resides in. I am hoping it is not to late. Do you have any suggestions as far as cost goes? A week ago we started eating mostly raw veggies and fruits, with nuts and seeds and I can already feel a difference. My problem is we are just about out of all the food I bought and I dont have money to go and buy food again till my husband gets his unemployment check. He lost his job a few months ago and has not been able to find work yet. I would love to get all these items on this list, but I just don’t see us being able to afford it. We live in a rural community, not near any natural food stores, and no co-op. I don’t want to go back to eating .88 cent hot dogs, but right now I don’t see any other choice. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated, and your prayers for our family would be coveted. Thanks.

  4. Dear Lori,
    I had no idea your husband had lost his job. I am so sorry. I live rurally, too, but get my stuff from a truck that comes once a month. Check out Azure Standard to see how close they come to you.

    Just last week, I got organic, grass fed chicken thighs for $1.50 from a truck I meet in OKC periodically.
    DARP Processing
    Sales & Marketing
    Phone: (918)504-4599

    Have you checked your area for fresh eggs from grass fed chickens? That is a good source of protein.

    Terry and I are almost 59 and I can honestly say that I feel better than I did 20 years ago because of changing my diet and using Young Living Essential Oils.

    Are there other things in your normal shopping list that you can eliminate to be able to continue to buy more vegetables? I am not surprised that you already feel better. That is a big switch to go raw for a week after the Standard American Diet.

    I will be praying and share with Terry, too. I know your husband needs a job. What kind of jobs is he looking for?

    God bless you,

  5. Shannon Siffles

    Thank you for this I am glad you put this up here. I am looking to better my health and live better.

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