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Frozen Key Lime Pie

Frozen Key Lime Pie Frozen Key Lime Pie

1 cup pecan meal

1 cup almond flour

¼ teaspoon clear stevia mixed into 1 stick melted butter, unsalted

Mix well and pat into either a 9X13 pan or a 10X14 pan.  Bake 10-15 minutes at 350.  Cool on cooling rack.

2 cups heavy cream whipped with 1/3 cup Monk Sweet Plus OR Birch Xylitol or non GMO Erythritol.  Whip until thick.  Set aside.

2 – 8 ounce cream cheese, softened to room temp.  Whip in mixer until smooth.

Mix ¾ teaspoon clear stevia and 16 drops of Young Living Essential Oils Vitality Lime Oil into 1/3 cup fresh lime juice.

With mixer on very low, so it doesn’t slosh out, slowly add the Lime juice, stevia and Lime Oil into the beaten cream cheese.

When it is well mixed, fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mix.

Spread over the cooled crust.  Cover and freeze overnight.

Let it thaw at 10-15 minutes depending on the temp where thawing and then, cut into squares.  This is a very rich dessert.  It is naturally sweetened, is sugar free and grain free.  Some in our family like this frozen, some thawed out and soft like pudding.  Either way, it is delicious.

Photo of finished pie at the top and of the crust at the bottom.


Crust for pies

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Hannah’s Chocolate Frosting

2.5 cups of whipped heavy cream

8 ounces of Cream Cheese, softened to room temp

2 Tablespoons unsweetened Cocoa

2 Tablespoons Birch Xylitol

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1/2 teaspoon Hazlenut Stevia

1/2 teaspoon Chocolate Stevia

Whip the cream and put into a large measuring cup and set aside.

Cream the cream cheese, Cocoa, Xylitol, Vanilla Extract and Stevias together.  When it is smooth, mix in the whipped cream and mix until it is spreading consistency.

Hannah made this one up and it is good enough to be a pudding or a frosting!  This frosting is best when made several hours before serving, as the flavors blend and the stevia takes a backseat to the chocolate flavor.

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Pumpkin Custard or Pie Filling

Pumpkin Custard or Pie Filling

½ cup Birch Xylitol

¼ teaspoon Clear Stevia

½ teaspoon REAL salt

1¼ teaspoon cinnamon

3 large eggs

1 can – 15 oz Pumpkin

12 oz heavy cream*

Mix all ingredients except the cream well.  Slowly add the cream and mix well.  Slowly, so it doesn’t slush out of the mixing bowl.  Pour into a deep dish pie pan or 9×9 square baking dish.

You can use an unbaked pie crust or if you are watching the carbs or like my family, just don’t care for crust, just cook it like a custard.  Grease the pan without crust.

If you use a crust, I highly recommend Maris Russell’s whole wheat crust made with butter, ww flour and water, unless gluten is an issue, and then, I suggest you try it crustless as it is quite good that way.

My family was leaving the crust for years and I quit putting crust under pumpkin way before I started restricting carbs, just because I didn’t like them wasting it.

Bake at 350 for approximately one hour. I check it at 30 minutes and at 45 minutes.  I bake until a toothpick stuck into the center comes out clean.  Let it cool on a rack for two hours and then, serve or refrigerate.

Serve with heavy cream whipped with Vanilla crème stevia.  I use 9-12 drops per cup of cream, sweetening to taste.  With stevia, less is  more, so do a little and add more to taste remembering that it is 200 times sweeter than processed sugar.

*Most people use one can of evaporated milk, but I prefer heavy cream.  Either way, this will make a nice pumpkin pie or custard.



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Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

1 quart whole milk, preferably raw

3/4 cup Birch Xylitol

2 Tablespoons Arrowroot Powder, optional

1 teaspoon Vanilla Creme Stevia

2 T. vanilla

5 eggs

1 quart Heavy Cream

I take 2 cups of the whole milk and put into the blender with the Xylitol, Stevia and Eggs.  Blend well until frothy.  Pour that mix into the ice cream maker container.  Then, I pour two cups of milk with the Arrowroot powder into the blender and use it to rinse out any leftover sweetener or flavor and pour that into the container.

Then, add cream and then milk or cream to the fill line.

The sweetening and vanilla are to taste.  You can reduce or increase to make it the way you like it to taste.  Adjust up or down all ingredients depending on the size of your freezer.  This is the basic recipe for one gallon of ice cream.

If you want chocolate, you blend 1/2 cup or more cocoa in with the milk and Xylitol.  I use Organic Dutch Cocoa that I get from Frontier.  It tastes soooo much better than the name brands we used to use from the grocery store.  You will love it!

My rule of thumb is half whole milk and half cream and the sweeteners above are based on 1 quart of each, plus the eggs.  So, if the milk or cream is increased significantly, up the rest too.  1 cup or so added is not significant.

Process according to the instructions for your freezer.

If you are dairy intolerant, you can use Goat Milk or Coconut milk.  I have friends that have done both of these and say it turned out well.  There is even a coconut cream from Tropical Traditions to add richness to it.



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